The Call - Collected

On June 7 Universal Music will release the 3CD/2LP set The Call Collected. For the very first time tracks from all the band’s studio album can be found on one extensive compilation, which will also include a number of rarities such as live recordings, b-sides and solo recordings from The Call’s front man Michael Been. Both the track listing and the artwork were put together in close collaboration with the band member and Been’s son Robert.

With fans such as Peter Gabriel, U2’s Bono, Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr and The Band’s Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson, the Santa Cruz band seemed to have a golden future ahead of them. But despite all these high profile fans collaborating with them on various album, The Call somehow always remained a band with a huge cult following who never really broke into the mainstream, and might just be one of the most under-appreciated bands of the past 35 years.

Songs like Everywhere I Go and I Still Believe, both from their 4th album Reconciled became minor hits in various countries. I Still Believe was even covered and used in the classic vampire movie The Lost Boys.
Let The Day Begin from their 5th album was used by Al Gore in 2000 for is presidential election campaign. The song was later covered by Simple Minds and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The definitive end for The Call came with Michael Been’s early passing while being on tour as the sound engineer for his son’s band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club backstage at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium in 2010.
The Call Collected is a long overdue tribute to a band sailed its own course and despite what was hip and trending in the music scene always had a constant sound and beautiful lyrics.

Perhaps Simple Minds front man Jim Kerr said it best when he wrote in his Michael Been’s in memoriam: “A little over two decades ago I had the pleasure and honor to spend a fair amount of time with Michael Been while touring America. Simple Minds may have been the headliners, however there was no doubt that is was us who looked up to our opening act – The Call - fronted by none other Michael Been. That The Call were denied the kind of commercial success that their music merited, is an obvious understatement. Hope was what the music of The Call was all about. This may explain why many thought our bands made for a great bill, and with so much in common.”


Full tracklisting The Call Collected:

CD 1 
1. War-Weary World 
2. There's A Heart Here 0:02:55 
3. Upperbirth 
4. Waiting For The End 
5. The Walls Came Down 
6. Modern Romans 
7. Time Of Your Life 
8. Turn A Blind Eye 
9. Heavy Hand 
10. Scene Beyond Dreams 
11. Delivered 
12. Tremble 
13. Everywhere I Go 
14. I Still Believe (Great Design) 
15. The Morning 
16. Oklahoma 
17. Tore The Old Place Down 
18. In The River 
19. I Don't Wanna

CD 2
1. Walk Walk 
2. The Woods 
3. Memory 
4. Let The Day Begin 
5. You Run 
6. When 
7. Same Ol' Story 
8. Surrender 
9. What's Happened To You 
10. You Were There 
11. Like You've Never Been Loved 
12. Floating Back 
13. What A Day 
14. Love Is Everywhere (single mix) 
15. Become America 
16. World On Fire 
17. Soaring Bird 
18. All You Hold On To 

CD 3
1. I Still Believe (Great Design) - Live 1986 
2. Oklahoma - Live 1986 
3. Everywhere I Go - Extended Remix 
4. Michael Been - To Feel This Way 
5. Michael Been - Jumpoffs 
6. Michael Been - Us 
7. Michael Been - This World 
8. Michael Been - For Your Love 
9. Michael Been - We Know Too Much 
10. Love Is Everywhere - Remix 
11. Soaring Bird - 2.0 Version 
12. World On Fire - Sound Track Mix 
13. Love Is Everywhere - Love Mix 
14. To Feel This Way - Sound Track Mix 
15. Now - Live 1990 
16. I Don't Wanna - Live 1990 
17. Let The Day Begin - Live 2013 (ft. Robert Levon Been)